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Registered Office Address

What is my Company's Registered Office Address?

All limited companies in Ireland are required by law to register an official office address with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) at the time of the company formation. This address is referred to as the company’s Registered Office Address and is the address used by the CRO to serve all official correspondence relating to your company. It is therefore important that all postal correspondence at this address is carefully monitored. Failure to do so may result in missed correspondence from the CRO that may result in fines and penalties accruing to your company.

Can I use my home address as the Registered Office Address of my Company?

Yes. The CRO’s only requirements are that the address used is a physical location, not a Post Office box address, and that the address is in Ireland. In addition to being the address for official company correspondence from the CRO, limited companies are also required to keep a number of internal registers and company documents at its Registered Office Address. These documents must be available for in-person inspection at the Registered Office Address should the situation arise.

If you are considering using your home as your company’s Registered Office Address, it should be noted that this address will be publicly searchable and available on the Companies Registration Office website. Many early-stage companies, who are operating from a private residence and wish to keep their home address private decide to use a Registered Office Service.

What is a Registered Office Service?

A registered office service allows companies to register an address, operated by a third party Registered Office Agent, such as Incorpro, as their Registered Office Address with the Companies Registration Office. This is a popular option for newly formed companies who have yet to set-up an established office and who wish to keep the details of a private residential address private.

How does a Registered Office Service work?

As your Registered Office Address Incorpro will receive all of your company’s official correspondence from the Companies Registration Office. This mail is dealt with promptly and scanned to your company’s email account daily. This has the added benefit of ensuring important documents from the Companies Registration Office are not lost or overlooked in private mail. We will also forward physical mail should this be required.

Can I use Incorpro’s office address on correspondence with clients?

Yes. By selecting to use our Registered Office Address service, you are entitled to use the address in your interactions with your clients. This service is sometimes separately referred to as a business correspondence address service.

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