HR Business Support

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HR Business Support
Incorpro provides high quality HR support and a variety of HR services to clients looking for assistance with their people plan. Our aim is to help our clients translate their plan across their company through our effective HR business partnering service.

A member of our experienced team works alongside our clients to ensure queries are resolved quickly and effectively, and that support is accurate and aligned to their business needs. We deliver practical solutions for each individual organisation based on their specific requirements.

Our personal and friendly approach together with our efficient work practices means that our clients receive professional and cost-effective support. Our clients are guided by experts when using our services, without paying extravagant fees. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

The services we provide are HR Strategy, HR Consulting and HR Administration which include:
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment/Talent Acquisition
  • Employee relations
  • Performance Management
  • Restructure/Change Management
  • Administrative Support
  • Bespoke tailored HR Support Package

HR Planning

We support and offer advice to our clients on their HR plan, collaborating with them on the specific need requirements. We support them, so they can deliver their HR agenda and required business performance objectives to their teams ensuring they can achieve their business goals.

Recruitment / Talent Acquisition

Incorpro understand that hiring a new employee can be a lengthy process. We offer a service that manages the full requisition process for our clients ensuring all jobs are accompanied by a tailored job description. We will identify a candidate attraction strategy ensuring best selection tools are used. Our HR team partners with our clients to deeply understand the requirements of the role, function and how it fits into their organisation. At Incorpro we take into consideration the long-term goals of the company and acknowledge that people pay a huge role in a company’s future success.

Employee Relations

Through our experienced HR partnering, we collaborate with our clients and co-ordinate employee relations and performance management activities with them. We provide advice/coaching as we partner our clients during investigation, disciplinary and appeal activity, ensuring their company is comprehensively supported and all tools are provided.

Performance Management

We equip our clients with the advice and tools needed to create a high performance, high commitment environment. We provide performance management, talent planning and professional development activities. Provided coaching and advice on a variety of HR issues to enabling manager’s lead effectively.

Restructure/Change Management

We focus on HR best practice while working closely with our clients during periods of change. Our service supports clients during times of change, outlining structures and managing redundancy during periods of restructure and growth in their business.

Policy Administration Support

We provide efficient and professional administrative support ensuring all our clients HR policies in place are legally compliant. At Incorpro we work together with our clients to understand their business needs, maintaining confidentiality, adding value on an ongoing basis, outlining options and recommending appropriate solutions.

If you would like to speak to us about any of your accounting and tax needs, call us on 01-4429409 or see our other contact details and follow us on twitter.