Company Registration Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the procedure to incorporate?

Once you have completed our online Company Registration and made the secure online payment:
  • We will reserve your company name with the CRO and send you a link via to verify your identity using the ID-Pal application.
  • We will email you the completed pre-registration and legal documents for signature.
  • These documents should be checked and then signed by the Directors, Secretary, and Shareholders.
  • A witness will be required to sign the Constitution
  • You will email these documents back to us and, if everything is in order, the company will be issued a Certificate of Incorporation, usually within 3 days of receipt.
  • Do not send any payment with the signed documents - Incorpro have paid the incorporation fee of €50 on your behalf.

How long does it take to register a company?

The whole incorporation process takes three days from start to finish as follows:
  • 5-10 minutes to complete our online Company Registration form and make the secure online payment.
  • Up to 6 hours for Incorpro to check the details and prepare the application with the CRO.
  • The Directors, Secretary and Shareholders sign and date the Signatory Pages that Incorpro email you, have the Constitution witnessed, and simply upload the documents to your MyIncorpro Dashboard.
  • 2-3 days for the CRO to process the incorporation.
  • In the event there are errors in your application the process could be delayed, however we have tested systems in place to help avoid errors.

Can I get Registered Office and Virtual Address services?

You can choose to use the Incorpro registered address service at a cost of €199 + VAT p.a.

The registered office and postal forwarding service for your new company will be in Skerries, Co. Dublin. Your mail will be scanned daily and sent to your email address. If you require mail to be forwarded, this can be posted at cost + 40%. A reminder will be sent one month in advance for the annual renewal.

Can I get Company Secretary services?

Incorpro can provide you with a Company Secretary at a cost of €199 + VAT p.a.

  • As Nominee Company Secretary, we will allow you to use our dedicated company as Company Secretary and we will also sign CRO documents while notifying you of your CRO annual filing requirements.
  • Incorpro will not take on any obligations (e.g., filing returns) of the company; those obligations remain with the Director(s).
  • The signature of the Company Secretary may be required on documents other than the B1 Annual Return, such as on bank account forms. The fee for signing these other documents is €20 + VAT per signature.

When registering your company using our online application form, you can select the Nominee Company Secretary checkbox to use this service. You can read more about Nominee Company Secretary services here.

Do I need to sign anything?

Yes. The Directors, Company Secretary and shareholders must all sign the documents that our website will provide to you. A witness will also be required to sign the Constitution. A witness can be anybody who is not a shareholder. If, for example, the Company Secretary is not a shareholder, it would be a good idea for them to witness the Constitution at the same time as signing the Registration documents. The CRO now accept scanned signature documents, so you should return the signed pages to us via email.

How do I sign the Signature Documents?

Once you have submitted the Company Registration form, we will provide you with the instructions to complete the Signature Documents. The signature documents should be signed in pen, scanned, and returned to us via email. There are a variety of applications that will allow you to scan documents using your mobile phone.

The CRO have stated that they do not accept electronic signatures.

Can I cancel my application?

All company registration applications are changeable, but they cannot be cancelled. If you do not continue with the company registration, the application fee is non-refundable. However, you may apply by email ( for a refund of the Companies Registration Office fee of €50 per company less the Stripe payment processing fee of 3% and it will be paid out within 14 days.
Do I need to post anything?
No. You will need to email the signed signature documents to us to finalise the registration. Full instructions are provided when we email you the documents for signature.
Can my application be refused?
Incorpro reserves the right to refuse your application and a full refund will be provided in such circumstances.
How much does it cost to register a company in Ireland?
The total cost of incorporating the company is only €99 + VAT.
  • This includes CRO incorporation fees of €50.
  • Payment is made securely via Stripe when submitting the Company Registration form online.
  • A VAT invoice will be issued by email upon registration of the company.
Do I need to provide identification?
Yes, identification is required under Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures. Once the company registration application is submitted via our website, we will send you an sms with a link to download the ID-Pal app and submit your identity documents securely using your mobile phone.


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