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Registered Address Service for Limited Companies in Ireland
Registered Address Service for Limited Companies in Ireland

Registered Address Service - €199 + VAT annually

Incorpro offers a Registered Address Service for €199 + VAT per year, which is an ideal solution for both new and existing companies. As a Registered Office Agent we can provide your company with the option of using our dedicated Registered Address Service, which allows you to use our address instead of your own for official correspondence.

What is a Registered Office Address?

All limited companies in Ireland must register an official office address with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) at the time of the company formation. This address is known as the company’s Registered Office Address and is used by the CRO to serve all official correspondence relating to your company.

If you would like to read more about the registered office address requirements of Limited companies you can do so on our Company Secretarial Library.

How does a Registered Address Service work?

A registered office service allows companies to register an address, operated by a third party Registered Office Agent like Incorpro, as their Registered Office Address with the CRO.

Why choose to use a Registered Address Service?

Once a company is registered, its registered office address appears on all company filings, which are publicly searchable and can be accessed through the CRO online portal. Many company owners running their business from their residential address prefer not to have this address in the public domain and so choose to use a Registered Address Service Address instead.

What is included?

We will receive all correspondence from the CRO and The Revenue on behalf of your company. Your mail will be scanned daily and sent to your email address. If you require physical mail to be forwarded, we can post it at cost + 40%.

By selecting to use our Registered Office Address service, you are entitled to use the address in your interactions with your clients. This service is sometimes separately referred to as a business correspondence address service and can add credibility to your company.

What is not included?

This service does not include the right to receive or store inventory at our office address.

How can I subscribe for the Registered Address Service?

We include the Registered Address Service in both our Contractor Service Package and our Business Startup Package.

If you are incorporating a new Limited company using our Basic Incorporation Package - €99, you can choose to include the Registered Address Service as you fill out the online form. Once selected, the service will be visible in the Payment Summary section of our online form.

If you have an existing company and wish to use our Registered Address Service, please contact our team at or on +353 1 4429409 to discuss your needs further.

Our Registered Address Service is a subscription service that renews annually and can be cancelled at any time. We will contact you one month before the renewal date to see if you want to continue with the service. You can read the terms and conditions of the service here.


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