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Nominee Company Secretary Service for Irish Limited Companies
Nominee Company Secretary Service for Irish Limited Companies

Nominee Company Secretary - €199 + VAT annually

Incorpro has specifically created a body corporate to act as Nominee Company Secretary to provide clients with the option of using a dedicated entity as the Company Secretary of their company.

Why choose to use a Nominee Company Secretary?

All Limited companies in Ireland are required to appoint a company secretary. In the instance where your company has multiple directors one of those directors can be appointed as company secretary. Where a company has only a single director however a separate secretary must be appointed.

With this in mind we include the Nominee Company Secretary Service as part of our company formation Contractor Service Package, and recommend the service to those who wish to set up their company on their own and do not want to involve others parties.

If you would like to read more about the roles and responsibilities of Limited company Directors and Secretaries you can do so in our Company Secretarial Library

Will Incorpro play a role in my company if I use the Nominee Company Secretary Service?

No. Incorpro is appointed in name only. Incorpro Secretarial Limited will appear on public documents as your company Secretary however we will have no say or involvement in the running of your company. The duty to ensure that the company is compliant with the obligations placed on it by Irish company law rest solely with the company directors.

What is included?

Our Nominee Company Secretary service includes the countersigning of your company's incorporation documents, annual returns and the documents required to open a business bank account. For the signing of other documents, the fee is €20 + VAT per signature.

What is not included?

This service does not include preparing general filings or any company secretarial advice. The duty to comply with Irish company law rests with the company Directors.

How can I subscribe for the Nominee Company Secretary Service?

We include The Nominee Company Secretary Service in both our Contractor Service Package and our Business Startup Package.

If you are thinking about incorporating a new Limited company with our Basic Incorporation Package - €99, you can choose to include the Nominee Secretary Service as you fill out the online form. Once selected, the service will be visible in the Payment Summary section of the registration form.

If you have an existing Limited company and wish to use our Nominee Company Secretary Service you can reach a member of our team at or on +353 1 4429409 to discuss your needs further.

This is a subscription service that renews annually and can be cancelled at any time. We will contact you one month before the renewal date to see if you want to continue with the service. The terms and conditions of the service can be read here.


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