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Tax and VAT Registration for Irish Limited Companies

Register your Limited Company for Tax in Ireland
Only €149 + VAT

Once your company has been issued a Certificate of Incorporation, it may apply to register for tax in Ireland. As a trusted tax agent, Incorpro can handle the registration process for your company, ensuring compliance with Irish tax regulations. For a total cost of €149 + VAT, Incorpro will register your company for the following taxes:

  • Corporation Tax: Compulsory and essential for businesses to declare profits and calculate tax liabilities.
  • Payroll Taxes (PAYE): Necessary for companies with employees, ensuring proper payroll management.
  • Value Added Tax (Domestic-Only VAT): Important for businesses involved in the sale of goods and services within Ireland.

Registration typically takes anywhere between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on whether the Revenue queries the application. It's important to note that the Irish Revenue may refuse VAT Registration for businesses that cannot demonstrate a clear intent to trade within Ireland.

At Incorpro, we offer free Tax Registration services for Limited Companies which choose to incorporate through us. This offer simplifies the setup process and ensures your company is compliant from the start. Start the process today and streamline your business setup in Ireland by completing our simple Online Form.

Corporation Tax

A Limited Company must register for Corporation Tax in Ireland as per the Legislation within 30 days of starting to trade. Corporation Tax is payable on profits at the rate of 12.5% per annum. An exemption from Corporation Tax is available to companies in the first three years of trading up to the value of the Employer's PRSI paid. Many start-up companies do not have employees or have losses and therefore, cannot avail of this relief.

If you wish to learn more about Corporation Tax, we recommend reading through our detailed Corporation Tax in Ireland Guidance Article, which holds a wealth of information on this topic.

Incorpro can assist with the filing of Corporation Tax for a competitive price, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements. Please visit our Tax Compliance and Returns Service Page for more information.

Payroll Taxes (PAYE)

To withdraw funds from your Limited Company or pay employees, you need to register the company for Payroll Tax (PAYE) in Ireland. It's essential to keep the company’s funds separate from those of a Director. Remuneration payments to Directors must be processed through payroll, with the appropriate taxes paid to Revenue. Generally, funds loaned from a Director to the company can be withdrawn without accounting for Payroll Tax. However, it is advisable to seek professional advice regarding Directors' Loans from both a tax and Company Law perspective.

For detailed information on Directors' Loans, including legal and tax implications, you can read our detailed Director Loan Accounts Guidance Article.

Incorpro can assist with your payroll needs, ensuring compliance and efficient management of Payroll Taxes. For more information about our professional payroll support, visit our HR Business Support Services Page.

Value Added Tax (Domestic-Only VAT)

Registering for VAT ensures compliance with Irish Tax Regulations and can be crucial for businesses as they grow. The sales threshold for registering for Domestic VAT in Ireland over a 12-month period is:

  • €80,000 for Goods
  • €40,000 for Services

These values are based on Sales, and not profit. Many Limited Companies prefer not to register for VAT as it increases the sales price of their products by 23% when selling to consumers. Therefore, they often wait until their sales approach the threshold before registering.

Incorpro can assist with the VAT return filing as well for a competitive price, ensuring you meet all necessary requirements. Please visit our Tax Compliance and Returns Services Page for more information.

For a detailed understanding of VAT and the process of filing the returns, you can read our detailed VAT Return Filing Guidance Article.

Intra-EU VAT Registration - Only €120 + VAT

VAT Registration is a high-risk area for the Revenue Commissioners, leading to the introduction of a two-tier VAT Registration system. This system separates lower risk registrations (Domestic Only) from higher risk ones (Intra-EU). Limited Companies intending to trade with businesses in other EU countries should apply for Intra-EU status, allowing them to make Intra-Community acquisitions at the zero-rate of VAT.

Incorpro can assist with applying for Intra-EU VAT Registration, handling all communication with Revenue on your company's behalf for a fee of €120 + VAT. It is important to note that Revenue will reject an application if the company cannot adequately demonstrate its intention to trade within the EU.

For a more detailed understanding of VAT Registration, including the differences between Domestic and Intra-EU registrations, you can read our detailed Irish VAT and Intra-EU VAT Registration Guidance Article.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Incorpro offers a range of Accounting and Bookkeeping services designed to help your business meet all tax requirements efficiently. Our team of skilled professionals provides tailored solutions to ensure that your tax filings are accurate and submitted on time. We understand the complexities of Tax Compliance and are here to assist you every step of the way.

Our packages include services such as maintaining Books and Records, Bank Reconciliations, VAT Return Filing, Payroll Processing, Journal Postings, and Management Accounts. By leveraging our services, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the financial details.

For more information about our Accounting and Bookkeeping packages, please visit our Accounting & Bookkeeping Services Page.

Further Guidance and Assistance

As a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Incorpro can provide your business with complete, end to end Accounting and Financial outsourcing services. Should you have any queries or require assistance with your Bookkeeping needs, our dedicated team at Incorpro is here to help. Connect with us by calling 01-4429409, or visit our Contact Page for more ways to get in touch. Stay updated and engaged with all of our latest news, resources, and the deals we offer by following our Social Media Pages on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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