Tax and VAT Registration

Tax and VAT Registration for Irish Limited Companies
Tax and VAT Registration for Irish Limited Companies

Register your company for Tax - €149 + VAT

Once your company has been issued a Certificate of Incorporation, it may apply to register for tax in Ireland. As a tax agent, Incorpro can apply to register your company for the following Irish taxes online at a total cost of €149 + VAT (or free when you apply to register for tax at the same time as incorporating your company through us):

  • Corporation Tax
  • Payroll Taxes (PAYE)
  • Value Added Tax (Domestic-Only VAT)

Registration for taxes takes from 1-4 weeks, depending on whether Revenue query the application or not. Please be aware that the Irish Revenue have refused VAT registration of businesses who cannot demonstrate intent to trade in Ireland.

Corporation Tax

A company must register for Corporation Tax in Ireland within 30 days of starting to trade. Corporation Tax is payable on profits at the rate of 12.5% per annum. Exemption from Corporation Tax is available to companies in the first three years of trading up the value of Employer's PRSI paid. Many start-up companies do not have employees or have losses and therefore cannot avail of this relief.

Payroll Taxes (PAYE)

If you would like to withdraw funds from the company or to pay employees, you will want to register the company for payroll tax. The company’s funds should be kept separate from those of a director and remuneration payments to Directors must be processed through payroll and tax paid to the Revenue. Funds loaned from the Director to the can generally be withdrawn without needing to account for payroll tax. However, advice should be taken regarding Directors loans from a tax and company law perspective.

Value Added Tax (Domestic-Only VAT)

The sales threshold for registering for VAT in Ireland is €75,000 for Goods and €37,500 for Services over a 12-month period. These values are for Sales, not profit. Many companies do not want to register for VAT as it increases the sales price of their products by currently 23% when selling to consumers. They wait until their sales approach the threshold.

Intra-EU VAT Registration - €100 + VAT

VAT registration is a high-risk area for the Revenue Commissioners so they introduced two-tier VAT registration, separating lower risk registrations (domestic only) from higher risk ones (Intra-EU). Companies intending to trade with businesses elsewhere in the EU should apply for Intra-EU status, which will enable them to make intra-Community acquisitions at the zero-rate of VAT.

Incorpro can apply to Revenue for Intra-EU VAT registration and communicate with Revenue on the company's behalf at a cost of €100 + VAT. Keep in mind that Revenue will reject an application if the company cannot adequately demonstrate its intention to trade. You can learn more about Intra-EU VAT and the registration requirements here.


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