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Penalties and Consequences of Filing a Late Annual Return

What are the penalties of filing my company's Annual Return late?
  • The deadline for filing your company's Annual Return falls 56 days after the Annual Return Date.
  • A late filing incurs an immediate penalty of €100.
  • A daily penalty of €3 is incurred for every subsequent day that the filling is late, up to a maximum fine of €1,200.
  • Loss of Audit exemption for a period of 2 years. The cost of such audit is carried by the company.

The late filing of an Annual Return impacts the company's compliance history and is noted as such by the CRO. Given a history of late filing the CRO may, in addition to the penalties described above, take the actions detailed below:

  • Impose on-the-spot-fines where the company has a history of persistent or late filing. Fines of up to €5,000 can be imposed on conviction for breach of the annual return filing requirements.
  • and/or summary prosecution for the company or its Officers.
  • A company may be involuntarily struck off the register for failure to file Annual Returns.
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