B1 Form CRO B1 Annual Return Filing Requirements

Last updated: Jun 16, 2022

Every Irish company must file an Annual Return with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) each year. The Annual Return is completed on Form B1 which contains particulars of the company (Directors, Secretary, shares, etc). All Annual Returns must be submitted online along with the CRO fee of €20. A company's Annual Return must be submitted to the CRO within 56 days of its Annual Return Date (ARD).

CRO B1 Annual Return, filling the B1 form
CRO B1 Annual Return Form

First Annual Return

The first ARD is exactly 6 months after the incorporation of the business. A Form B1 must be submitted within 56 days of this ARD. No financial statements are required to be filed with the first Annual Return. Incorpro can prepare your company's first B1 Annual Return and submit it for only €119 + VAT (including €20 CRO filing fee).

Second and Subsequent Annual Returns

The second ARD is 18 months after incorporation with ARDs occurring annually thereafter. For a Limited company, financial statements must be submitted with these returns. The financial statements cannot be for a period longer than 18 months and must comply with Company Law requirements. If your company has yet to commence trading and has no activity, then you can fill in our simple form in order to file Non Trading Annual Return & Financial Statements for only €240 + VAT

B1 Annual Return Deadlines

B1 Annual Returns must be submitted online within 56 days of the ARD. Where financial statements are being submitted, they need to be uploaded before the Signature Pages are generated and submitted. Scanned signature pages are now accepted by the CRO.

It is extremely important not to submit returns late otherwise the company will be subject to audits for the following two years. Audits are very costly and take up the time of Directors. You can check the company's Annual Return Date and filing deadline using our Annual Return Filing Deadline and CRO Late Filing Fee Calculator.

B1 Annual Return Service

To speak to a member of Incorpro regarding your company's Annual Return, call us on 01-4429409 or find more contact information Contact us and follow us on twitter.

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