CRO B1 FORM CRO B1 Annual Return Filing Requirements

Last updated: Jan 19, 2024

Every Irish company is required to file an Annual Return with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) each year. This process involves completing Form B1, which contains particulars of the company, such as Directors, Secretary, shares, and more. All Annual Returns need to be filed online, along with the CRO fee of €20, and it is important for companies to adhere to the deadline. A company's Annual Return must be submitted to the CRO within 56 days of its Annual Return Date (ARD).

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CRO B1 Annual Return Form

First Annual Return

The First Annual Return Date (ARD) falls exactly 6 months after the successful registration of your company. You are required to submit Form B1 within a 56-day window of the ARD. During this initial stage, there is no need to file Financial Statements alongside the Annual Return.

Incorpro offers the service of filing and submitting your company's first B1 Annual Return, for a competitive fee of only €119 + VAT, which includes the €20 CRO filing fee. Fill out our quick and simple First Annual Return Online Form today, and let us handle it for you!

For more detailed insights regarding Annual Returns, our extensive Library offers a wealth of information.

Second and Subsequent Annual Returns

The second Annual Return Date (ARD) is 18 months after the company has incorporated, with subsequent ARDs occurring annually. For Limited Companies, it's important to note that Financial Statements are mandatory with these returns, to ensure compliance with Company Law requirements. The Financial Statements cannot cover more than an 18-month period.

We understand that some companies may not have commenced trading or might have no activity yet, which is why we offer the service for filing Non-Trading Annual Returns and Financial Statements. This service, designed for simplicity and efficiency, is available for only €240 + VAT. Ensure your business stays compliant without unnecessary complexity and fill out our simple Non-Trading Annual Return Online Form today!

B1 Annual Return Service

First B1 Annual Return

Incorpro offers the preparation and submission of your company's First B1 Annual Return to the Companies Registration Office (CRO) in Ireland, for only €119 + VAT, including the €20 CRO fee. Our service encompasses the compilation of crucial company details, including Director(s), Secretary, and Shareholder(s), ensuring timely submission in compliance with Irish Company Law.

Financial Statements

For companies at their second or subsequent Annual Return stage, adherence to Irish Company Law requires the filing of Financial Statements. Available from €380 + VAT, Incorpro specialises in preparing your company's Annual Financial Statements in line with the Companies Act 2014 and Financial Reporting Standards. These statements form an integral part of the B1 Annual Return service, with the comprehensive package (B1 Annual Return + Financial Statements) available from €499 + VAT.

For a more detailed overview of our Annual Return services and insights into Financial Statement preparation, visit Incorpro’s Annual Return Service, or explore our extensive Library for in-depth knowledge on Annual Returns.

B1 Annual Return Deadlines

Meeting the B1 Annual Return deadlines is crucial for maintaining your company's compliance in Ireland. All B1 Annual Returns must be submitted online within a 56-day window from the Annual Return Date (ARD). When filing Financial Statements along with the return, it’s essential to upload these documents prior to generating and submitting the Signature Pages. The CRO now accommodates scanned Signature Pages, adding flexibility to the submission process.

The importance of timely submissions cannot be overstated, as late returns can trigger mandatory audits for the next two years, incurring significant costs and consuming valuable time of your Directors. To assist you in tracking these critical deadlines, Incorpro offers a user-friendly Annual Return Deadline & Late Filing Tool. This tool is designed to help you easily determine your company's Annual Return Date and the corresponding filing deadline, ensuring you stay ahead in your compliance journey.

Additionally, for the utmost convenience, Key Dates are also readily accessible through your MyIncorpro Dashboard, ensuring you have all necessary information at your fingertips. This integrated approach is designed to help you easily determine your company's Key Dates and the corresponding Filing Deadlines, ensuring you stay ahead in your compliance journey.

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